Successful CPAGB Award

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I am very pleased to announce that I have passed my CPAGB (Credit award of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) which allows me to use the letters after my name, so now I’m Richard Wilson CPAGB. 🙂

I attended the day which was held at Watford Grammar School for Boys on the 23rd November 2019.  I was surrounded by good friends from my camera club, four of whom also gained their credit award, congratulations to them.

The way it works is 6 judges score each image out of 5 although they emphasise it’s not really a score and it should be viewed in the following manner.  A score of 2 is a fail (and the lowest score you can receive), 3 is a near miss, 4 is a pass and 5 is judged to be of exhibition quality.  The judges do not know the authors and there were a total of over 500 images. Each entrant submitted 10 images.  The highest possible score is 300 (which never happens), the pass mark is 200.  I was very pleased to score 220.

Well done to all who passed and thanks go out to the organisers who worked hard to make a splendid day for all concerned.

Below are my entries, each showing there individual score when you click on the thumbnails.


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