Delicate and yet robust

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I love how a chain of events can sometimes lead to an idea which fuels the creative process.  I was in a pub with a good friend and during a conversation where I announced “I’m quite robust actually”, I was met with, “Nah, you’re a delicate flower”.  Of coarse I objected at the threat to my macho masculinity! Shortly after I realised there’s is no hiding the fact that I’m sometimes a bit of a girls blouse and defending my so called masculinity would lead to “I think you doth protest too much”, so that was that.

Something I like to consider is the power of the word “and” in replacement of the word “or”. For example, “us or them?” is divisive “us and them” is inclusive.  So can someone be both delicate and robust?  I wholeheartedly believe so and the image I present in this post is a metaphor for that sentiment. Even those who are vulnerable can weather the strongest of storms.

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