Delicate and yet robust

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I love how a chain of events can sometimes lead to an idea which fuels the creative process.  I was in a pub with a good friend and during a conversation, where I announced “I’m quite robust actually”, I was met with, “Nah, you’re a delicate flower”.  Of course I objected to the threat to my macho masculinity! That objection may have been in vain.

Moving on, something I like to consider is the way the words “and” and “or” can work. Opposites can suddenly live together. For example, look what happens to the following sentence, “It’s us or them” when it’s changed to “It’s us and them”.  The word “and” makes us and them friends, it’s the answer to world peace! 

I played this word game with “delicate” and “robust” following my good friends assertion about my flowery status and this picture came to life in my mind and then my camera with a generous helping of Photoshop, I’ll admit.

So can someone be both delicate and robust?  Well yes and so the image I present in this post is a metaphor for that sentiment. Even those who are vulnerable can weather the strongest of storms.

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