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Delicate and yet robust

I love how a chain of events can sometimes lead to an idea which fuels the creative process.  I was in a pub a pub with a good friend and during a conversation where I announced “I’m quite robust actually”, I was met with, “Nah, you’re a delicate flower”.  Of coarse I objected at the threat to my macho masculinity! Shortly after I realised there’s is no hiding the fact that I’m sometimes a bit of a…

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New Forest and South Coast

Belated seasons greetings. I haven’t been out for a while, y’know, normal life getting in the way of photography. But, the Christmas and new year break from work provided me with the opportunity of killing not two, but three birds with one stone. A visit to a friend and my son who both live in the New Forest area, and some photography…

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A fortunate accident

There’s no denying the luck I got with this shot, a welcome and fortunate fluke. I’ll take it, bad luck happens too!

If you check out the settings I’ve showed above, you’ll see the longish shutter speed and…

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The best way to use Instagram on Windows 10 Desktop

I don’t know about you but I find using many Apps on a phone a royal pain. I was brought up on desktop computers before iPhones and Androids were around and up to now I’ve paid little attention to Instagram but that’s all about to change as I now plan to…

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Milky Way over Lizard Lighthouse

In September of 2017 I planned a trip to Lizard Point in Cornwall, the most southerly point on mainland Great Britain with a Milky Way shot in mind. I timed it for a new moon…

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Crazy Bandito

I was looking in the Window of a framing shop and was inspired by a framed photo of Clint Eastwood and thought my friend Keith would make a great Spaghetti Western Cowboy. So I bought some cigars and…

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The London Eye and a security guard

As many photographers know, security guards can be a pain when we are trying to execute our art. In this location they don’t mind folk taking photos but attaching a camera to a tripod will attract…

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